Sumbawagen iGEM Team


Sumbawagen iGEM Team



Here is our Econey design. As you see, we have two designs.

The first design is fusion of GBP (Glucose Binding Protein) and Luciferase. Luciferase is divided into Luc A and Luc B. It will work when glucose molecules enter the circuit. When glucose molecules enter the circuit, Luciferase will close and glucose will bind to GBP. Then the circuit will produce light.

The second design is repressor. In the DNA circuit, repressor will bind in RNA Polymerase. When there was a condition of lack lactose, repressor will inhibit the promoter to start transcription process. To make repressor releases from RNA Polymerase, we need to add lactose in the circuit in order to binding with repressor, so the promoter could start transcription process.

In our circuit, lactose position replaces with glucose or fructose. The condition was designed because honey has high glucose and fructose content.