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This year’s iGEM team consists of 18 motivated students from the fields of biology, biomolecular engineering, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering and industrial design. The Bachelor and Master students from various semesters are again supported by Professor Dr. Heribert Warzecha and Professor Dr. Jörg Simon. In 2012 the TU Darmstadt Team was a newcomer at the iGEM competition, receiving a Gold medal on the regional competition promptly. This year we will try to base our work on last year’s experiences and focus on improving our perfomance accordingly.

Kai Fenzl


Age: 21
Studies: B. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
Since last year I want to be part of the iGEM-team, now in the 4th semester I have time for this challenge. I am responsible for the sponsoring of our team. I hope this projekt gives me the chance to learn new laborpractice and improve my softskills. iGEM gives me the opportunity to see the activity of synthetic biologie, because I want to write my bachelor thesis in this field of science. I am very greatful to be a part of this awesome team.

Sascha Hein


Age: 22
Studies: M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
Hey, I´m Sascha. This summer I completed my B.Sc. in Bimolecular Engineering at the TUD. I take responsibility for website and the lab management during our project. I expects an interesting summer. Moreover, he hopes to learn many new things about synthetic biology. Besides a successful participation Sascha wants to establish many international contacts.

Sven Jager


Age: 25
Studies: M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
Hi! My name is Sven Jager, I am a Biomolecular Engineer in the second year (M.Sc). Why iGEM? IGEM is the chance to solve a global problem with methods of the synthetic biology. I am looking forward to meet young scientists from all over the world and make many new experiences. In our team, I supported the lab work as well as the wiki construction.

David Kelm


Age: 22
Studies: M. Sc. Informatik
I was asked to support the current iGEM-Team. In particular, the interdisciplinary direction and the fascinating possibilities that these technologies offer, appeal to me. This allows me to apply my acquired skills within this pratice oriented project and gain a number of new experiences. In my current studies I concentrate on the field of IT Security. Since I develop an Android interface and cooperate closely with the area of electrical engineering, this project unfortunatly does not offer any connections to my area of expertise.

Carmen Klein


Age: 23
Studies: M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
I watched with interest the progression of last year’s TU Darmstadt iGEM-Team but could not participate due to time reasons. This year I would not want to miss working in the project since I want to apply and extend my experience in scientific research. In the course of my previous studies, I mainly specialized in research with mammalian cells but see great importance in having a deep insight in other and novel fields such as the manipulation of bacteria and the transfer to a engineering approach. Most of all, I am glad about how our student team works together in spite of having diverse knowledge in both different fields and different levels. We complement and bring forward one another and I am looking forward to coming across new experiences as well as challenges which make me also curious about how we are going to master them.

CheukTing Law, Dicky


Age: 21
Studies: B. Sc. Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Hi! I am Dicky, 21years old and studying my bachelor of Molecular Biomedical Sciences in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I had exchanged to Germany and started my unforgettable life in Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD) for half a year. The turning point during my exchange in Germany is joining iGEM in TUD. I joined the early stage of iGEM team in Hong Kong, so I know the difference of doing science between Hong Kong and Germany. My team was really having a fun time, enjoy the process and real life but not just focus on Lab work of iGEM. iGEM is a bridge that connects the people from the world. No matter where do we come from, we still can communicate with each other because we have the same language: Science.

Thea Lotz


Age: 24
Studies: M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
Why did I join the TU Darmstadt iGEM team? There are great people on the team, we’ve got an interesting topic, so no reason not to join in. I also liked the opportunity of finally doing my own research and working without only the prospect of good grades. iGEM is a true challenge where lots of interesting fields of work collide and you can learn while having fun. I’m really looking forward to when we can get started!

Laurin Monnheimer


Age: 23
Studies: B. Sc. Biology
In the first place, I learned about iGEM more or less coincidently but I soon figured out that this is a project I definitely want to be part of. The contest offers the unique opportunity to carry out research in a practically oriented manner and to meet scientific challenges as a team. Therefore, iGEM presents an outstanding occasion to gain new valuable experiences and to further develop my personal and scientific skills. I hope that we as a project team will be successful in finding solid solutions to the problems we will be confronted with and I am highly motivated to make my personal contribution to iGEM.

Manuel Rebenich


Age: 26
Studies: Industrial Design
Hey guys... My name is Manuel and i'm studying my diploma in industrialdesign/Productdesign at the "h-da" University Darmstadt. Privatly I spend a lot of time in doing different art disciplines. I joined this year's iGEM-team because I like to get involved in an exciting project and to get contact to different facultys. In the iGEM-project I'm responsible to give the hole project a smart visual character. I design Flyers, Posters and do a lot of graphic design in general. Additionally, I made designs for the shirts, Homepage and an early prototype of the device.

Sven Rumpf


Age: 23
Studies: Chemistry
I am studying Chemistry at the TU Darmstadt but I am also interested in molecular life sciences. Hence, I participate in iGEM to get a chance in working at a complex project with other students. I am pleased working with our team and learning from others.

Daniel Sachs


Age: 24
M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
This is the second time I participated in the iGEM competition. Of course nothing is like the first time, still I'm very excited to be again part of the team. I tried to focus on the safety aspect of our application, since a only a safe device can someday leave the lab and change the world through Synthetic Biology. Someday Synthetic Biology will make the world a better place and I'll be able to say: "I was there!"

Christian Sator


I am studying Biomolecular Engineering at TU Darmstadt. I joined this year’s iGEM-team because I like the idea of tackling a complex issue together with a team and work out solutions for it. I think iGEM is a great opportunity to experience independent and interdisciplinary research and to broaden one’s mind. I’m looking forward to learn new stuff and meet lots of interesting people.

Anne Schieferdecker


Hey, my name is Anne and I am a student of the bachelor program Biomolecular Engineering at the TU Darmstadt. When I first heard about the 2012's iGEM project of our University, it was already too late to enter, but I knew that I will not miss the next project! The possibility to actively shape all aspects of a research project from conception through laboratory work and final presentation, is my primary motivation to participate. I also love challenges and look forward to every pebble along our way and the creative search for solutions by our fortunately heterogeneous team. Privately, I not only hope for fun and accumulating knowledge but also to develop in person.

Johanna Tüshaus


Age: 23
Studies: M. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
During my studies abroad at the KTH in Stockholm I came to know iGEM for the first time. From the beginning the idea of the competition inspired me and encouraged me to join this year's iGEM-team of TU Darmstadt. I am looking forward to the tasks and challenges we are going to deal with during this intense period of time. I think all the members of the team are able to learn from each user and everyone can profit due to the interdisciplinary setting of our team.

Bastian Wagner


Studies: B. Sc. Biomolecular Engineering
Hi, my name is Bastian Wagner and I am a student of the bachelor program Biomolecular Engineering at the TU Darmstadt. The reason why I participate in iGEM is, because I like to design and construct new biological systems for useful purposes and create societal acceptance for this new technology. I also tried several new disciplines like coding and electrical engineering successfully.

Arne Wehling


Age: 22
Studies: B. Sc Biomolecular Engineering
Hey Guys! Currently I am finishing my B.Sc. in Biomolecular Engineering at the TU Darmstadt. With some friends I already started our university's first iGEM Team in 2012. Hence, I hope that our experiences will help us to get this year's competition done even better than before. I am in charge of oraganization and team management so I am some kind of a maid-of-all-work, if you want to put it like that. I think that our team for 2013 is just great and fortunately we are quite interdisciplinaric, so I hope we learn a lot from each other and be successful during the following months full of working!
See you at the jamborees!

Jan Wintgens


Age: 24
Studies: M. Sc Biomolecular Engineering
The free and independent choice of work, the self motivational character and to have the responsibility for you and for your team were the main reasons why I joined iGEM. In contrast to all other uni projects there are only boundaries you set yourself, showing you where you have to set them especially in the lab! The competitions variety gives you the opportunity to work with people from other studies and in different fields yourself, which makes iGEM a true challange and helps you to discover new opportunities and overlapping fields for your studies. Being a member of this team gives you motivation and the will to learn more and to have fun with what you do.

Robin Köster


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