Team Members

Boxuan Zeng, advisor, project design, experiment operation, wiki construction, modeling;

Yue Liu, team leader,project design,experiment operation, wiki construction, human practice;

Yangjunyi Li, experiment operation, wiki construction, project design;

Su Wang, experiment operation, project design, wiki construction;

Yang Wu,experiment operation, project design, wiki construction;

Yiran Wang,human practice, wiki construction, experiment assistance;

Yufei Wei,modeling,presentation,wiki construction;

Xiaoke Huang, wiki & poster design and construction.

Jianyu Zhuang, wiki & poster design and construction, photography.

Runze Qin, experiment operation, human practice;

Qinyi Deng, experiment operation, wiki construction;

Tianyu Liu, human practice, wiki construction, experiment assistance;

Shengbo Wu, modeling, wiki construction;

Yan Wang, modeling, wiki construction;

Xiaona Ren, experiment assistance;

Yangning Zhang, presentation, wiki construction, experiment assistance;

Shoujie Sun, human practice, wiki construction, experiment assistance;

Yang Li, experiment assistance, human practice;

Yonghao Gao, experiment assistance;

Xuesong Wei, experiment assistance.


Special Thanks to

The Key Laboratory of Systems Biongineering, which provided us with all equipment and platform that are indispensable to our success.

Tianjin University International Cooperation Office, for their support in the competition.

Tianjin University Jiankun Foundation, for generously paying for our travel expenses.

Thanks to

SAST of TJU, SAST of School of Life Science (NKU), Biology Club of Ruijing Middle School, for supporting us in the Visit Activity.

Professor Jun Zhou, who has shown our team and students in NKU around his laboratory.

Yan Li, who has organized students in Ruijing high school to attend our activities .

Dr. Hongwu Ma, who has added some ideas to our project for the society application.

Jibin Sun, who has gave us great help during the preparation of iGEM competition.

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