Tsinghua-A model

  • In August, We were informed that the Nanjing-China team needed our help to build their model. Considering that the communication and collaboration is a truly important part of doing research of synthetic biology, we promised that we would help them. So, then, they sent us their documents about their circuit and the function they wanted to realize. Our team had a discussion and found something we didn’t understand, so we had a video conference with them to know more about their circuits and confirm those details that we need to build this model.

    When we had finished a half of the formulation work, they came to our school to visit some igem team and had a discussion with us. We showed them our work and asked for their suggestion and after that we confirmed more details and adjust a few equation.

    After we listed all the equations, we tried to simplify them. And then we begin to bury ourselves in coding, using the Matlab tool. We set a map with some parameters and some cells, with the map and cells’ state we can get new data of each cell and with the new state and the old map we got a new map and refresh it. With the right method and code, the only thing we needed is the right parameters of those equations. After finished that, we got the result which met our expects.

    Finally, we sent the code and equations to them and finished this work.

    With collaboration, we have got many communications with those who have the same dream in synthetic biology and learnt so much from each other.