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Guide on high school

Tsinghua-A team 2013 have done some promotion of iGEM HS in China with the help of ITCCC (International Teenager Competition and Communication Center), a Chinese organization devoted to the promotion of science and technology competitions for young people. We went to Haidian foreign language experimental school and had a lecture about synthetic biology and iGEM, which had attracted nearly 300 students, and through this lecture we got some helpful and beneficial communication and interaction with those students. After that, we give some guidance towards their iGEM HS team’s experiment, project and competition. And in the iGEM HS 2013 competition the Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School team got an Individual Awards.

Experience sharing

Our team member Lei Wei participate the Synthetic Biology and IGEM Exchanging Meet, held by Nanjing University, on April 26th, 2013. As our team leader in the last year, he shared his experience in doing research of synthetic biology and his feelings about participating the iGEM competition. Also, as a non-biotechnology-major student, whose major is Automation, he shared his experience and feelings standing on the Automation field, which would give students attending the meet some different inspirations.

We also collaborate with Nanjing-china team. As a team coming from Department of Biology, they were not so good at building model and coding, so they asked for our help to build model and code for them. They sent their circuit to us, and through our hardworking we finally sent the equations and codes back to them. They did some more work basing on our code and got the result meeting expects.