Tsinghua-A Wetlab

Safety training received

Prior to the researches of the project, our team members received all basic trainings on biosafety and laboratory safety in turn ,lectured by professors in the laboratory.The safety training included many aspects, such as the proper usage of all the equipments, how to deal with the experimental rubbish correctly, and wear rubber gloves, lab coats when making operations. Before using the super-clean bench,we must sterilize,etc.

Environment safety issue and biosafety group

Hela cells are commonly studied in labs, and they are not generally considered to be dangerous. Minor risks are contained in our research since the organism and plasmids, which causes no severe infection to human and animals, will be handled properly by well-trained personnel after every and each experiment, and the chemicals in frequent use are proved to be friendly, except EB ,which is separated along with related devices in a special section, the contact with which requires such protections as a pair of rubber gloves. Thus no major safety problem will possibly be encountered, which will be under control if they would emerge.

We are supported and financed by Department of Automation, instructed and supervised by its professors and engineers studying life sciences. And laboratory assistants give us quite a lot of instructive suggestions including problems on biosafety.

safety form 2(part1)
safety form 2(part2)