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Dr. Chong ZHANG received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2002 and 2008, respectively. His current research projects aim at synthetic biology in the field of biochemical engineering including:

(1) Basic principles and methods of synthetic biology for the construction of novel enzymes, microbial cell factories and microbial consortia with new functions for industrial applications;

(2) The application of synthetic biology in the bio-synthesis of chiral chemicals, novel cofactor regeneration systems, bioconversion of methanol to isoprene and bioconversion of low-grade biomass to hydrogen and methane.



Weifan LIANG

Hi, I am weifan majored in biochemical engineering and it is my 3rd year in graduate study. As an instructor of the team, I guide them to finish the experiment. And now I am always deeply moved by their persistence and hard working. They have carried out experience overnight many times to accelerate progress and they well finish their division. Hoping for the great result in iGEM.


Tianmin WANG

I'm Tainmin Wang, PhD 2th year student in Tsinghua majored in metabolic engineering. Great for me to be the instructor for this passional team. We are really a team that everyone works for our goal and at the same time enjoys the fun of synthetic biology. We made a fantastic story in this summer and I hope everyone will enjoy it during the Jamboree in Hong Kong or even MIT. We are coming!

Team Members(14)


Hi, I am Yinan WU, the team leader, and I am going to be a senior student majored in chemical engineering. Owing to my experience in the bio chemical laboratory for about one year, I have some knowledge of traditional biological chemical industry. And thanks to iGEM, I know more about synthetic biology. My main work during this summer is to do the experiment. I have a hand in the structure and representation of the parts.


Hi, I am Yijun ZHANG,and I am going to be a senior student majored in life science. I'm familiar with traditional bio experiments, for I spent my junior year in a lab working on cell biology. And as a member of our iGEM team, I know more about synthetic biology. During experiments, I was always surprised by the interesting results. I really enioy the procedure of genetically engineering our E.coli to achieve amazing function. Hope our creation will also amaze you all!


Hi, I am Mingyuan DU majored in chemical engineering and I am going to have my 3rd year in Tsinghua University. I am the main supervisor of our cute little story about the microorganism --- including the play, the characters, the designing and finally the video. After the whole process, I picked up my confidence and was finally able to speak out loud that I am a capable person who enjoys challenges and difficulties.


I'm Zijian GUO and I'm major in Fundamental Science of Chemistry and Biology. Now it's my final year of my bachelor degree. Everything related to biology and chemistry and their interdisciplinary turns me on and I want to be a scientist in the next 10 years. After that, I'm not sure. Maybe running a café? Cooking is just another version of experiment, isn't it? For this IGEM project, I focus more on the parts design and experiment. It is nice to have such a friendly team to work in. And the exploring during the project is as fascinating as you can expect. I hope that our story could catch your attention.


I am Shude LIU from Tsinghua University, institute of chemical engineering. I feel very lucky to be a part of our IGEM team---THU-E, which focuses on the in vivo evolution for microbial cell factory. I used to think that Darwin’s theory of evolution just happen naturally without the interference of human being. But through our project, I realized that the process can actually be accurately designed and controlled by us, providing a promising way to evolve overproduction microbe. And I strongly believe that one day we can make the process of artificial evolution to be continuous, making it more accurate and controllable.


Hi! I’m Tianhui MA, a senior-to-be student majored in chemical engineering while minored in economy. Joining our iGEM team has been one of the most correct choices I have made in college since from here I’ve got the real feeling of being a part of a team and the understanding of the concept of cooperation as well as competition. As a novice, the primary part I am in charge with is the designing and actualizing of our wiki. Sharing ideas with my coworkers is like watching a firework show --- the infinite sparkles of innovations.


I am Beiduo RAO majored in chemical engineering and I am supposed to have my last year in Tsinghua University as an undergraduate students. I applied for this iGEM in an attempt to broaden knowledge of not only theoretical but also practical Biochemistry to which I have a plan to devote in the future. I always enjoy the happy time in the lab doing experiments. It makes me feel proud of myself, especially in terms of operational ability, and figure out a new definition of myself in the harmony of this team.


Hi! I’m Hao SUN and I am going to be a sophomore once more time in the coming new semester. Please hang on a second if you were considering me as a bad student with poor grades. Things became both complicated and simple after I joined our iGEM team. Though majored in ChemE, I am the leader of the programming part. As confused as I’ve got with the larger and larger gap between my status quo --- a student majored in chemical engineering --- and my real talent and interest --- computer and programming, my dream hiding in the bottom of my heart is becoming clearer and clearer and finally up to the surface. I changed my major to computer science and thanks to iGEM, I find me the true self this time.


Hi, I’m Hewei TANG a senior student majored in Chemical Engineering. I enjoy the whole procedure of taking part in this awesome IGEM team and working with my fellow teammates. Taking in charge of Human Practice, I find a brand new perspective to appreciate synthetic biology and what it can do for our life. I hope that synthetic biology can be a widely accepted concept one day and that everybody can know how it will make a difference.


Hi, here is Han WANG, a junior student majored in chemical engineering. Tasks in our iGEM team are strenuous and at the same time challenging and enjoyable. As a sophomore last year, I had not tried doing a research, and was entirely confused with the sophisticated equipments in our lab at first. It is really fascinating to take a comparison between the past me and the person I am now. Though still frustrated with not-so-ideal results, I am skilled with the operation in our lab and surrounded by the passion about the competition and biochemistry much stronger when I decided to join the team.


Hi, I’m Yifan WEI and I am going to be a 3rd year student majored in Biology next semester. To fight in our team is a great glory to me. Maybe I can be called “Main Tank” in our lab work. I am the one who has been working in the lab for the longest time in our team and the one who obtained the most techniques in our team to aid the process of the experiment. I made my progress and was able to control the experiment independently. In the later period, I was even in charge of the characterization of the part “Bitter Pressure” without other teammates’ help.


Hi, here is Zhenlin ZHAO, I am primarily in charge of human practice. Games and Biochemistry are two of my favorite things in, probably, my whole life. In the middle of a discussion with the team, an idea struck me that computer game themed synthesis biology might be a perfect marriage between them and an efficient way to publicize the idea of iGEM. And then there born our iGEM game for human practice. Along the process of making this game, I have found not only so many interesting ideas and astonishing achievements of the iGEM precursors but also my passion in biochemistry.


Hi, I’m Pengji ZHOU and I am in my 3rd year of studying chemical engineering. What fascinate me most is the boundless possibilities existing in genetic engineering and how iGEM make it possible to gather numerous brilliant ideas all over the world. That is the main reason for my initially applying the team. But soon, I have found that our team is much more than that: the cooperation and encouragement is what keeps me and us holding on to our ultimate goal.


Hi, I am Wenming ZHU majored in chemical engineering. I am going to enjoy my 3rd year in Tshinghua University and how lucky I am to get the chance of being a team member in iGEM! Just like how I devote my passion into sports, I love the feel of challenge and achievement along the process of preparing for the final competition. No matter the experiments, the designing of our loge and T-shirts or solving technical problem concerning our wiki, I am willing and capable to nail them as long as my passion do not extinguish. Thanks to iGEM, never did I have the strong and real feeling of being alive as youth!