Attribution & Acknowledgement

Thank all the team members for their hard working!

ZHU Meng is the team leader of Tsinghua 2013 iGEM team. In the preliminary stage of our project, her work was mainly focused on recruiting team members and organizing brainstorming sessions. She devoted tremendous effort into arranging team meetings and conducting experiments.

SUN Xiaochen provided valuable ideas in brainstorming sessions. He is also in charge of flow cytometry experiments and analysis. He wrote the manuscript together with other team members.

LI Xiaoyi conducted molecular biology experiments, western blotting and flow cytometry experiments, collecting large amounts of data to support our project. She is also a member of our human practice team, specializing in photography.

LI Jinyang helped with the experiment designs. As the leader of the experiment group, he provided leadership and encouragement to other members. His past experience on iGEM made him a key contributor during our collaboration with BIT and BIT China iGEM teams. He also helped to write the project part of the manuscript.

YANG Tianfang contributed a lot during brainstorming and constructed the reporter plasmids. Highly experienced with yeast, he was able to help other team members to learn how to conduct yeast experiments.

LI Tianyi has rich experience working with yeasts. He constructed the sensor plasmids and prepared the dry yeast powder.

HOU Lingfeng was very active during brainstorming and contributed most effort to data analysis. As the leading actor of our short movie, he showed his acting talent.

WANG Jun devoted himself to organizing collaborations with other iGEM teams, including LZU and OUC China. He also helped with plasmid construction.

LI Chaochang helped with plasmid construction and several outreach activities.

WANG Yuning is the leader of our human practice team. She exercised her talents on writing scripts and directing the short scientific animations.

YANG He is the narrator of our scientific animations and proofread all the movie scripts. Her beautiful voice made our scientific movies much more enjoyable!

SHI Binbin completed the mathematical modeling part of our project. He was also responsible for the construction and maintenance of our wiki site.

FAN Xiao mainly focused on wiki construction and maintenance. Besides that, he was responsible for taking pictures during our outreach activities. He also helped with some of the experiments.

ZHAO Yanyan was responsible for all financial affairs and travel arrangements. She designed and conducted a survey regarding the practical implications of our product, as a part of the human practice effort.

LU Xinping helped our team leader with arranging team meetings. He is also responsible for financial affairs and visa affairs.

HUANG Yanlan, a gifted artist, designed our logo, team shirt and stickers. She was also responsible for the post-processing for datagrams and photos used on the wiki site.

YANG Qian is responsible for translating our experiment notebooks into English.

SHI Xiaojing conducted several experiments with yeast and helped with writing the manuscript. She also helped with recruiting team members and participated in the collaboration with NJU.

We also thank the other members not in the team roster, Xie Hengyi, for brainstorming, Zhao Yu, the advisor, for providing us a lot of experience of attending iGEM competition. Li Teng, another advisor, for helping us order facilities as well as solving the problems of experiments.

Also, we would like to thank all the members in Prof. DAI Junbiao's lab in Tsinghua University for their instructions on working with the yeast system, we thank for Prof. SUN Zhirong, Prof. CHEN Guoqiang for their suggestions and encouragement.

We would like to express our gratitude to the OUC-CHINA team for their AHL dry powder, thank for JHU 2011 Team advisor for their plasmids, Sweden iGEM team for their florescence protein plasmids.

We would like to thank the instroctors of the Tsinghua Talented Program in Tsinghua University for their encouragement, supervision and financial support. We would like to thank Tsinghua University, School of Life Science for supporting us in attending iGEM 2013.