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YPD Medium


10.0 g Yeast extract
20.0 g Peptone
92.0 mg Adenine-sulfate
33 ng Adenine
(16.6 g Agar)
50.0 mL Sterile glucose (40 %)
to 1000 mL Aqua dest.



For plates add agar, for liquid medium leave out agar.
Mix all reagents in an autoclavable flask and fill up to 1000 mL with Aqua dest. Autoclave, let cool down a bit, and add antibiotics if medium is required for selective purposes. Perform next steps at laminar flow cabinet! Add glucose solution. Store medium at 4 °C.
If agar was added: cast plates in petri dishes (approx. 20 mL per plate) while medium is still warm. Store plates at 4 °C.

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