Ryan Marcheschi
Keegan Owsley
Sharooz Rabizadeh

Help with Bordetella MTD:
Diego Arambula
Huatao Guo
Jeff Miller

Help with mRNA display:
Anders Olson

Advice about Phage:
Robert Modlin
Laura Marinelli

Ice Machine:
Tang Lab, UCLA

Reagents and plasmids:
Ralph Cacho
Fabienne Duchoud
Hannah Park
David Wernick
Luisa Gronenberg
Hirsch Lab, UCLA

Lab Space:
Foad Mashayekhi
UCLA Department of Bioengineering

Financial Support:
UCLA Department of Bioengineering
Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education
Tama Hasson, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research

Administrative Support:
Stacey Tran

Graphic Design:
Gloria Lee

Science Fiction Advisor:
Megan Daalder