UCSF is a graduate institution - so where do UCSF iGEM team members come from?

Biotechnology Program and Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS)

The ALHS Biotechnology Program is a two year pathway developed by George Cachianes and co-taught by Julie Reis: Lincoln High Biotech Webpage

This year 5 members of the UCSF iGEM team were chosen from students that have completed this 2 year class. Read more about David, Derrick, Eric, Sherry and Felicity at the team members page!

Peking University and UCSF iGEM Exchange

We initiated an exchange program wherein UCSF funds a trip for a student to do research at a lab at Peking University for one summer, and Peking University sends a student to UCSF for the same purpose. This summer, we had a student from Peking University named JI Weiyue join us for three months to work in the lab. We also sent a former UCSF iGEM member, Helena Viets, to Peking University to participate on their iGEM team.

Returning Team Members

This year we had two students from our 2012 team join us for a second year. Kendall Kearns and Verna Huang both attended ALHS and just finished their freshman year at UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara, respectively.

UC Berkeley Cal Teach Program

Priyanka Dadlani is a member of the Cal Teach program at UC Berkeley and joined us for 10 weeks this summer, mainly working on modeling our two projects. To read more about Calteach: visit the Cal Teach Webpage