Collaborations and Interactions with Other iGEM Teams

    The UC Davis iGEM team asked us to help in producing a multi-lab, extensive characterization of a commonly used part library - from the iGEM part kit! The team provided us with a protocol and a list of promoters from the parts registry. One of our team members (David Dinh) resuspended these parts from the kit, transformed them into DH5alpha cells and grew them according to their suggested protocol. RFP expression was collected from a plate reader and sent to the UC Davis team. The data we collected is also available here.
    TThis summer, the TU/Eindhoven team made a website which they hoped would serve as "a Fact Checker to help members of the general public associate with the field of synthetic biology. (Their) Fact Checker will become available online and will allow users to both view and submit facts of their own. Each submitted “fact” will be reviewed and commented on by respected sources. This way it is hoped that (they) can prove or disprove a number of myths about synthetic biology and thereby promote the idea of synthetic biology to the general public." To help the team, we researched one fact that can now be found on their site by clicking the badge below.
    The University of East Anglia team asked for help obtaining soil and sediment samples from various locations around the world. The team wanted to use the samples to test a biosensor that they are developing for their iGEM project. Our team member, David Dinh, went to Crissy Field and Heron's Head Park in San Francisco and dug up sediment samples that were then mailed to the East Anglia iGEM team. We hope the soil samples were useful in the team's work this summer!
    We were visited by members of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) iGEM team at the beginning of the summer and were able to talk about our preliminary project ideas. We also had a brainstorming session for our human practices projects so that we could share with the UNR team our method of coming up with and narrowing down our ideas.
    This summer the UC Davis iGEM team hosted a meet-up with other local iGEM teams. We were very excited to attend and had a great time meeting the other teams and hearing about their projects. We received a lot of great feedback and also had fun bowling together after!