• HokkaidoU_Japan 2011

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  • Dr. E. coli get ready for the job

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We further developed "Dr. E. coli": our project of iGEM 2010. Last year, we showed that Type 3 Secretion System (T3SS) works in E. coli by injecting GFP into RK13 cells. T3SS is a syringe like organelle found in bacterium such as Salmonella which uses it to inject virulence effector proteins into a target eukaryotic cell. We think this system can be applied to direct reprogramming of somatic cells among many other things.

We tested T3SS performance and tried to make it more convenient. For this purpose we designed a plasmid backbone which can instantly produce ready-to-inject fusion proteins from ordinary biobrick part. Using it, we tried to further characterize this system by injecting a library of protein domains.

In Science Gallery we exhibited awesome photographs related with biotechnology in public. We tried to catch the pedestrians’ interest in current synthetic biology and explore their thoughts.