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SJTU-BioX-Shanghai 2012 iGEM Team Parts


We have characterized and submitted 42 BioBricks which could either be used directly or serve as a universal tool readily for potential scientific or engineering use.

Those BioBricks could be divided into 4 groups.

1.BioBricks in Basic Parts are all basic components of the whole project. They can be assembled to carry out different tasks.

2.BioBricks in Membrane Anchors are fusion membrane proteins which could either constitutively aggregate or aggregate under signal induction.

3.BioBricks in Fatty-Acid-Producing Membrane Accelerator are Membrane Anchors linked with enzymes involved in fatty acid synthesis.

4.BioBricks in Ligh-Sensing Membrane Rudder are Membrane Anchors linked with enzymes involved in Violacein synthesis and VVD protein.

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