Team:UC Chile/Acknowledgments




We would like to thanks all the people who helped us during this long journey:

1. The faculty of Engineering, and its dean Juan Carlos de la Llera, who gave us financial help and the opportunity to expose our project in the INGENIA fair.

2. The faculty of Biology, dean Juan Correa and professors, for having faith in us. The financial support that helped us get all the lab materials and reagents, the organization of the High School Teachers - Frontiers of Biology Seminar and Let’s go to the lab! Human Practices.

3. Both, the faculty of Physics and the faculty of College for giving us financial support.

4. Vanessa Frenkel who gave us advice in the wiki design and made an amazing logo for our project.

5. To David Savage, California Berkeley University, for facilitating the pHnCBS1D plasmid and its sequence. We couldn’t have done this project without it.

6. Javier Xordana’s Lab: for giving us lots of advice on how to handle the Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Especially to Cristian for helping us with the sucrose gradient centrifugation protocol.

7. Patricio Arce’s Lab for giving us the GV3101 Agrobacterium strain and lending us lots of reagents that we didn’t have.

8. To the following professors:
  • Department of Physiology:  Felipe Court and Alejandra Catenaccio
  • Department of Cell Biology: Pilar Carvallo
  • Department of Ecology: Mauricio Lima
For coming to the UC university on a Saturday morning to give a lecture about their different research topics and helping us out with the High School Teachers - Frontiers of Biology Seminar Human Practice.

9. A special thank you to all the members of the PSBL for having all the patience of the world and having to put up with 9 undergrads messing the lab all around. For having to answer silly questions for months, hearing us discuss noobies stuff for hours and having to share all the lab materials with us.

  • Karem Tamayo: for all the lab reagents purchases and have exceptional patience when we didn’t write down the codes for the reagents correctly or forgot to write what we used at all.
  • Eva Villaroel: for teaching us lots of protocols and not laughing at us TOO much.
  • Yarela Mancilla: for filling thousands of pipettes tip boxes for us, answering the phone on holidays to listen to our problems, file the lots of primers we requested.
  • Tomas Moyano: for lifting our spirits when our experiments were not working and inviting us to play soccer to forget our problems.
  • Javier Canales:  for having to answer soo many silly questions and speaking up to get the lab (and us) a new transilluminator.
  • Eleodoro Riveras:  for having to share the electrophoresis machine with us, teach us how to autoclave “home made style” and play soccer with us.
  • Orlando Contreras: For teaching us how to use the microscope hundred of times.
  • Jose Miguel Álvarez: For helping us out in the High School Teachers - Frontiers of Biology Seminar Human Practice. Teach us everything about the INTACT method.
  • Tatiana Kraiser: For lend us Sinorhizobium meliloti for our project, and also gave us plenty of advice when we were troubleshooting.
  • Carolina Cordova: for giving us the database with school teachers who were invited to the High School Teachers - Frontiers of Biology Seminar Human Practice.
10. To our amazing instructor Bernardo Pollak:  because we really couldn’t have done this project without all your advice on pretty much everything:  project design and strategies, experimental counseling, life still while working on iGEM, Human Practices organization, lab organization and so on.

You have our eternal thanks!

11. UC_Chile 2012 team: for all the moral support and reassuring us that we were not doing so bad.

12. Veronica Delgado: For saving us at the moment we most needed and proofread of all our wiki. Thanks so much for everything.

13. Professor Rodrigo Gutierrez: for keeping us in our track. Lending us part of his lab.

14. The innovation team from the Federation of Chilean Industry (Sofofa), for organizing with us the Human Practice “Let’s go the lab!”, especially Alvaro Acevedo, Geraldine Picon and Gerardo Leyton.

15. Dr. Francisco Melo because he also helped in the “Let’s go the lab!” organization as Innovation Director in the School, and also two of his team members, Alex Slater and Ignacio Ibarra.

16. Carolina Contreras for helping us to coordinate administrative stuff and making possible the “Let’s go the lab!” Human Practice. For the same reason, we thank Daisy Muñoz.

17. Thanks to Dr. Patricio Arce and Dr. Luis Larrondo to participate in the Human Practice “Let’s go to the lab!” in the conversation with the entrepreneurships.

19. We are also very thankful with Enrique Valdebenito and Julio Cortes for autoclaving all that we needed, Alejandro Rojas for keeping the lab clean and tidy. Giselle Saavedra and Isabel Capitán for facilitating meeting rooms.

20. For helping with “Research”, our game: Rodrigo González who created the mac versions, Ivo Zuffi y Alfonso Cornejo for the webpages and our amazing Beta testers: Ariel Pérez, Benjamín Gálvez, Bernardita Ramírez, Nicolás Morales, Marco Arias, Fernando Altamirano.


RPG maker: for letting us use their amazing software to create our RESEARCH game  and give us free licences in order to freely work.