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Human Practice


To popularize the concept of synthetic biology and encourage more people to involve in it, we design an interesting video game, iBricks.


Lecture And Exhibition

After about two months’ preparations, we had a general idea about synthetic biology and iGEM. As an area of biological research and technology that combines biology andengineering, synthetic biologists approach the creation of new biological systems from different perspectives, focusing on finding how life works (the origin of life) or how to use it to benefit society. During the birth of our projects’ ideas, we propose to popularize the concept of synthetic biology and iGEM to high school students so as to call on more people to be involved in iGEM.

On July 27th we organize some activities with students of the middle school attached to Sichuan university in cooperation with UESTC wet team. For the sake of more accessible, we made good preparations for this human practice. Posters and videos were made in advance; Great presentations were prepared; a deliberate plan was made in brain storm.

First, we gave a lecture named Dating with my college to them. Silong Jiang from wet team made a short introduction of UESTC, and then Shangnian Wang from we software team led us to the world of synthetic biology. Besides gave us a general idea of synthetic biology, he also present us some successful examples from previous iGEM teams. Colorful bacteria, man-made life and synthetic world aroused them great interest in synthetic biology and iGEM.

Second, together with students of the middle school attached to Sichuan university, we were divided into 6 groups for deeper understanding of synthetic biology and iGEM. We shared our experience of synthetic biology and iGEM as well as our ideas of 2013 iGEM. Though our work have not done yet, we show them part of our projects to make a better explanation. Regardless of generation gap, we really enjoyed this short but beautiful period.

At last, we took some photos as permanent mementos.

What matters most in human practice is to make more people familiar with synthetic biology and iGEM, and we made it. At the same time, we got some new ideas about our work, especially iBricks, through this communication activity. It is of great value to us.

As iGEM is not so famous as traditional competitions of UESTC, for example, National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and ABU-ROBOCON, we seized the chance of popularizing iGEM among UESTC. The Exhibition of Innovation Achievements of UESTC was held on September 27th- 28th. We displayed our three projects there, and made iGEM known to more people.

Before the exhibition, we made posters of our software and hung them on the wall of our showroom. On the exhibition, we brought our laptops and iPhones for visitors to experience our software.

Besides the students and teachers of our university, the representations from 50 enterprises and 100 headmasters from different national key high schools also visited the exhibition. First, we made a short introduction about iGEM, from origin to development. Next, we demonstrated our projects to the visitors, part of them experienced our software and gave some advices.

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