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Our project, Cardiobiotics, works to prevent cardiovascular disease by reducing the metabolism of dietary L-carnitine within the digestive system. This made possible through the use of three biological parts that fulfill two very important functions: the take-up and the break-down of L-carnitine.

The take-up of L-carnitine into the cell is facilitated by two biobricks: the CbcWV Uptake Protein and CaiX Carnitine Carrier Protein. This combination of proteins form a membrane-bound carnitine uptake system for bringing greater amounts of L-carnitine into the cell.

The break-down of L-carnitine is carried out by our biobrick Carnitine Dehydrogenase. This protein catalyzes the conversion of L-carnitine into 3-dehydrocarnitine, pushing it down an alternative metabolic pathway towaord the creation of the amino acid glycine.

The cells containing the biological parts are then suspended within calcium alginate and inserted into gelatin capsules in order to transport them to the intestinal system.