Team:UNIK Copenhagen/BricksOfKnowledge


You can be a part of the Bricks of Knowledge!

Bricks of Knowledge is about collecting knowledge in video bricks. This novel concept focuses on presenting topics that are important for students or teams new to the competition. Topics can be anything from presenting lab techniques to giving tips on how to fundraise or create a wiki page. We believe that having a registry of knowledge available would be of great advantage for all future iGEMers.

You can help us create the Bricks of Knowledge by sending us a short video in which you share tips, tricks and advice on a topic of your choosing.

In this way we can help future iGEM teams getting successfully started on their projects. It is our sincere hope that the Bricks of Knowledge can help extending the open source nature of iGEM. By sharing not only our BioBricks but also the know-how to use them, we can make life easier for future iGEM teams and let reach even higher goals! It is our dream that one day submitting a Brick of Knowledge will be an official part of the iGEM competition.

See the video bricks already made.