{ "date" : "2013-06-17", "author" : "thomas", "title" : "Cloning of EFE in pSB1C3", "content" : "I began the week doing some minipreps (x5 of EFE and x5 of pSB1C3+RFP) following this protocol.

Quantification results
1253,8 ng/ul161,9 ng/ul
1243,5 ng/ul160,9 ng/ul
3261,4 ng/ul142,5 ng/ul
4218,0 ng/ul168,4 ng/ul
5299,1 ng/ul sample lost
I then digested the linearized pSB1C3 (500 ng, kindly offered by Caterina), pSB1C3 + RFP (500 ng) and EFE (1000 ng) with EcorI and PstI following the 2A assembly protocol.After that, I proceeded with the ligation and transformation in NEB10B cells. ", "tags" : "EFE" }