{ "date" : "2013-06-27", "author" : "emil", "title" : "Transformation of 2 GFPs and inocula of B. subtilis backbones", "content" : "Emil transformed two construct of the ancient Igem competition: both consist in a RBS with the GFP(E0040) and 2 terminators(B0010)(B0012) and are contained in bSB1A2

IDQuantificationRBS strength
BBa_E0240108.5 ng/µlmedium
BBa_E0840129 ng/µlstrong
Emil followed the transformation protocol loading 150 ng of each sample.Then Emil plated the product on an Ampicillin plate.
Moreover Emil did the inocula (in LB + Ampicillin) of two backbones(BBa_823024 and BBa_823026) from the plates of Fabio and Bruno(2 inocula for each sample).", "tags" : "BBa_823024-BBa_823026-BBa_E0240-BBa_E0840-B. subtilis" }