{ "date" : "2013-06-28", "author" : "emil", "title" : "Purification of K823024 and K823026 and inocula of the GFPs E0840 and E0240", "content" : "In orde to caracterize the inducible promoters of the two B. subtilis backbone I have to amplify two reporters and ligate them into the backbones. So I did the miniprep of the 4 inocula(B.subtilis backbones) following the vacuum protocol then I have quantified the products with the following results:

BBa_K823024 334.4ng/µl
BBa_K823024 260.6ng/µl
BBa_K823026 306.7ng/µl
BBa_K823026 359.7ng/µl
Moreover I did the inocula of the 2 GFPs(BBa_E0240 and BBa_E0840)(4 inocula for each sample) from the plates previously done.", "tags" : "K823024-K823026" }