{ "date" : "2013-06-27", "author" : "gabriele-emil", "title" : "SAMsynthetase and R0010, the neverending story", "content" : "First of all Gabriele quantified the four pSB1C3+R0010 inocula of yesterday.

SampleQuantity (ng/µl)

Then, the four quantified samples were screened after a digestion with ExoRI-HF and PstI-HF, with the usual screening protocol (incubated only for 45min, since both the enzymes are HF).

The digestion products were then run on a gel with a transparent loading dye (30% glycerol): each loaded sample contained 16µl of the sample and 4µl of transparent loading dye. Both a 1kb normal ladder and a 100bp transparent ladder were loaded, also the first well was loaded with the usual loading dye.
Loading scheme
Loading dye
100bp ladder
1kb ladder

Finally, Emil prepared the inocula of the product of ligation of R0010 and SAMsynthetase (in pSB1A2: 6 inocula of the 1:1 ligation product and 3 of the 1:3 ligation producta).", "tags" : "SAMsynthetase-Plac" }