{"date" : "2013-07-05","author" : "caterina-michele","title" : "Can I SNIFF?","content" : " You know, after a BBBQ, everything is more difficult!! In particular today was an exausting day. While in the morning Caterina did three miniprep from the inocula (post del giorno prima metti link = 4 with araCpBAD + BSTM1 in pSB1C3 and 1 only control of Neb10&beta, mettere immagine del gel di cate) Michele took the two inocula that left and did 7 diluition 1:100 in 20 mL of LB. In particular he did 2 diluition for the control and five for the bacteria with the plasmid. He put them at 37°C in agitation waiting for them reaching O.D. = 0.5. After four hours he did the induction with arabinosio even if the bacteria with the plasmid were at about 0.3 O.D. The induction was done only on five samples to have another control. After two hours it was added different concentrations of Salycilic Acid (in solution with H20 and etanol) in different samples and after two more hours we did a SNIFF Test to understand if some Mesa was produced. The results were not so brilliant: in fact the bacteria in which were added higher concentrations of SA stinked a bit less and were more fresh.Durante la giornata cate ha fatto anche pcr per J45119 ma fail (immagine)In più fatte prime misure con GC per vedere detabilità mesa (grafici) ","tags" : "PchBA-BMST1-araC-pBAD"}