{"date" : "2013-07-08","author" : "emil","title" : " Purification of Inocula (03/7)","content" : "I verifyed the status of the last inocula(05/7) that resulted a bit strange.

Unfortunately The day before were inoculate uncorrect plates(03/7) so I have purified them following the purification protocol these are the results of the quantification.
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 1438.8 ng/µl
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 2400.7 ng/µl
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840(1:1) 3343.6 ng/µl(the only succesful)
Afterwards I screened 800 ng of the samples following the screening protocol with EcoR1 HF and Pst1, these are the results of the gel:
Gel order
Ladder 1kb Fermentas1
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) a3
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) b4
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840(1:1) 5
As we can see only the third(024) sample shows the insert at the right size of 1000 bp(the lower band), then I did the inocula of the plates of 5/07(1:1,1:2,1:3) and of the old plate that gives right results to amplify 024(1:1).","tags" : "K823024-K823026-E0840"}