{"date" : "2013-07-20","author" : "thomas","title" : "Digestion of AraC-pBAD + EFE and Venus PCR product","content" : "This is the part two of this experiment.Since both Venus (BBa_K537006) and AraC-pBAD + EFE were in pSB1C3 vector, I had to do a PCR on Venus using primers Prefix Fwd and Suffing Rev following this protocol. The PCR product was then confirmed by an electrophoresis analysis (Venus is 729 bp and KAPA universal Ladder was adopted).

The PCR product was then purified and quantified at the NanoDrop.Once I obtained Venus without his backbone, I proceeded digesting all the PRC Venus product with NgoMIV and PstI and 2-3 ug of AraC-pBAD + EFE with AgeI and PstI following the PCR product digestion protocol. The digestion products were finally purified, quantified and stored at -20°C.
Quantification Results
AraC-pBAD + EFE33.5 ng/ul
Venus PCR product22.8 ng/ul
","tags" : "EFE-Venus"}