{ "date" : "2013-08-02", "author" : "Michele", "title" : "Doing a mess", "content" : "So, I didn't believe Cristina when in July she told us: \"In August we're going to work twice than this\" but I had better trust her. Today I did two TLC on four different samples to detect MeSA presence.

As you can see on the image of one of the two TLC only the control (MeSA pure diluited 1:1 in CH2Cl2) ran. These was the third TLC that failed then we decided to avoid more TLC tests. During the day I checked also the growth of Bacillus (link previous post sporulation). In the crazy afternoon after an hard fight with the order in the Lab I performed a screening on GFP (Bba_E0840) to verify if our stock was correct.As you can is present the band at 878 bp so the screening gave positive results. During the digestion and the electrophoretic run I also did a transforamtion of Neb10β with EFE in pSB1C3. ", "tags" : "GFP-EFE-TLC" }