Human Practices


More than a few actions we based our Human Practice in a political posture. Here we present a possible strategy that encompass different sectors from our society. The idea is to think together how to strengthen bonds, doing it together so that everyone can be beneficiated with the possibilities synthetic biology has to offer.

Our actions have a strong educational basis, to us it is important hearing others and developing a society capable of having a critical opinion and involved in debates about synthetic biology, destroying myths and the old and inappropriate belief that a scientist is “the holder of truth”.

We believe on the strength of this actions and that a simple Detecthol constructed with these ideals can contribute to a fairer world.

We wanted to integrate different parts from our society that are equally relevant. Education, public policies, university and entrepreneurship should all be connected. In order to achieve this interaction we chose some strategies.

  1. We want to know what the general public and health specialists think about the problem of contamination in alcoholic beverage and how would they accept our product, linking society to entrepreneurship.
  2. Taking synthetic biology to the large number of people in a creative way is something we consider very important. So we created a game that would connect education and public policies.
  3. We started a series of online lectures in portuguese about the basic of mathematical modeling in biology and molecular biology, integrating education and university.
  4. We held a lot of events and courses, from mathematical biology to a national brazilian encounter between iGEM teams, connecting our university and the society.

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