Cleandho Marcos de Souza
Undergraduate in Biology - IB/USP

Cleandho is a Biology student at USP, who aims to harmonize both his scientific and human aspects. He is a very curious person, with deep interest in whatever is done with passion—be it a laboratory experiment, an astronomical observation or even just riding a bike.

He likes to understand how the universe works, as well as his role in it, even though it is small, and feels much gratitude in taking part as actor and observer in the fascinating show of life. To him, biology is a fantastic way to see the world, for it explains the relations from microorganisms to large and complex interactions that happen in our planet.

He is also interested in astrobiology, amazed by how life is able to reach extreme places in so many different ways, reinventing the concept of life itself, and in synthetic biology, as a wonderful tool to understand and deal with the processes that happen in living organisms. Besides, he enjoys camping and tracking, traveling to different places and getting to know different people, cultures and religions.