Pedro Henrique Moreira Pessoa
Undergraduate in Molecular Sciences - CCM/USP

PedrĂ£o (Portuguese for Big O'Peter or Big Pedro) is a very tall guy who is usually wondering about how small and imprecise is his knowledge compared to the size of the Universe and the Complexity of Human Societies. He is usually talking about Epistemology, Logic and Information Theory.

Started his scientific career studying Statistical Mechanics Models in Psychology and Sociology. And jumped into the iGEM competition seeing the love of some friends for the area and believing his mathematical ideas could help the development of some amazing projects in Synthetic Biology inspired by the competition.

Is a big fan of video-games (esecially Final Fantasy and Zelda series), Pixar movies, Asimov, Tolkien and board/card games. This kind of geek stuff inpired him a lot to develop a part of our Human Practices project, the “Game of Genes”.