USTC-China is a wet lab team which also attends iGEM this year. We collaborated with them by giving a reference to their experiments.

“Take a gNAP before wearing lab gloves!” is the catchword of our software. So we invited USTC_China to take a gNAP before their experiment.

In their project, GFP expressed in E.coli contributes to the signal system which is a indispensable part. Before they imported GFP gene into E.coli, our team used their data of genetic line to predict the expression of GFP in E.coli.

The genetic line is as follows:

By using the Analyze function of our software, the result is as follows:

Four stars means the stability of the GRN is good.

This is the expression changing of GFP.

After comparing with other genes in the network, we predict that GFP could get a normal expression in E.coli.

This is the SDS page of their experiments:

From the SDS page we know that GFP expressed in E.coli and its strength is not very high. It confirms the result of our software.