Our team

iGEM UT-Tokyo 2013 is a team composed of twenty eight undergraduates, two advisors and an instructor. The characteristic of our team is that undergraduates take a leading role in operating experiments and managing team. This is the fifth time for us to participate in the iGEM competition. The members of our team are from various departments, universities and grades. UT-Tokyo is a team in which undergraduates from different backgrounds are working together aiming at one goal.

Acknowledgements & Sponsors

We would like to thank the following laboratories and organizations, other iGEM2013 teams forunderstanding of our activities and offering generous supports


Watanabe Laboratory, Graduate School of cultural studies, University of Tokyo, did safety controlwhen we carried out experiments. They also provided us with a laboratory, various equipment andadvice when we did experiments during the summer vacation.Ota Laboratory and Wakamoto Laboratory, Graduate Schools of culture studies, university of Tokyooffered laboratories and equipment when we practiced experiment at the beginning of our project in spring.


Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. nvited us to events, Science Castle and Career Discovery Seminar, whichwe attended as a part of Human Practice. They also introduced the projects of iGEM to variouscompanies. Thanks to the introduction, the companies have offered favorable answers and thesewere great help to us.

Promega Corporation offered a lot of reagents, kits and competent cells to iGEM-Japan teams.

IKEDA SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd. decided to aid iGEM-Japan, which will help more interaction among Japanese teams.

COSMO BIO Co., LTD also aided us in this year. We thank they have helped iGEM teams every year

Other iGEM2013 team

Uppsala and Tokyo_Tech gave us biobrick parts.

Thank you for all of the supports! Without them we can’t complete our projects