Team:UT Dallas/HumanPractices


Animal Practices

     Animal practices are quite varied. Applying and testing the effectiveness of the engineered bacteria on a variety of animals using a slew of different delivery methods (mostly food) would be the first step. Current possible animals include dogs, horses and cows.

     We chose to look into the ethical considerations that are at the forefront of synthetic biology. With this in mind, we will be visiting a local high school to present our results and discuss the ethical issues involved in the field of synthetic biology. We will conduct a discussion (please click the picture below) and present the results during the Jamboree.

Safety Video
We have also created this video to discuss issues of safety and ethics involved in our project.

In today's instant gratification society, we created the safety video that was both entertaining and informative in order to keep people's attention. Because we are targeting animals, we also took a new and different approach by considering the animal's rights in this matter.

     We have created a Vine for University of British Columbia. Their goal was to compile all iGEM projects in order to create a quick way to view the 200 teams that are competing in iGEM this year. This six second video shows the Streptococcus mutans bacteria attached to the surface of a tooth. The Escherichia coli is moving in with our synthetically engineered biobricks which causes the S. mutans biofilm to break apart. Please click here to view our video.