Team:Utah State/Attributions



Utah State iGEM 2013 collaborated with several iGEM teams this year including: UT-Austin, UGent, and Paris Bettencourt.


We understand that none of our success can happen without the help of others. Utah State iGEM 2013 would like to thank
the following sponsors for their support.



This is the first time that AMPs have be manufactured at Utah State University and up till now had never been done before in the Faculty advisors laboratory. We would like to acknowledge the guidance and assistance from our Advisor Dr. Charles Miller and Graduate mentor Asif Rahman and appreciate the time they spent helping us with iGEM. We would also like to thank the following people for their help:

Sarah Allred - Helped with metabolic modelling

Sanjib Shrestha - Helped teach the team about MIC testing

Ashik Sathish - Helped with Bioreactor scale-up at SBI

Justin Jones - Helped with large scale nickel column purification

Dr. Ronald Sims - Funding from the Department of Biological Engineering

Dean Christine E. Hailey - Funding from the Dean's office at Utah State