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Located at Wuchang LuoJia Hill, Wuhan University is a prestigious university in China. It is a comprehensive and key national university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is regarded as one of the best and most selective universities in China as well. The history of Wuhan University can be traced back to Ziqiang Institute, which was founded in 1893, making it one of the oldest higher learning institutions in China. The 120th anniversary of WHU is approaching. We would like to see you here in the celebration, on 29th, November, 2013.
WHU is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery, hill and lake. The distinguishing early architecture of Wuhan University and the beautiful natural scenery match well. The early architecture of palatial style at Wuhan University, which mixes the eastern and the western architectural styles, is in exquisite layout.

1.The Library

The library is the highest building on Lion Hill. It’s the landmark and spiritual symbol of Wuhan University. The integrate appearance of the library is of traditional Chinese palatial architecture. It is designed by an American architect, Mr. F.H.Kales. What a surprise! On the top is erected seven-ring tripod, with heating chimney installed on the roof. The reinforced concrete framed structure and combined steel rack for the bearing was adopted in structural technology. On the ridge, ring corridor, and eaves are delicate ornaments of entwining dragons, cloudings, bucket arches, fairies and animals. It’s the knowledge treasury and academic status as well as a significant site for visitors.

2.New library

The new library is located on the west side of Mountain LuoJia,northeast side of Luojia square and the center of the Wuhan University main campus. Being as the headquarters of library in WHU, it covers about 23000 sq.m on land, with overall floorage of 35548 sq.m , almost owning 15 billion books together with branches. When it came into service in 2011, it aroused a hot topic among universities in China not only being as the largest courtyard style University library in China but also offering study room for couple or several students.

3.Wuhan university administrative building

One of the distinctive characteristics of the buildings on Luojia campus is that they are built according to the topography of the hill and groping variation in order. There are more hills and less land on Luojia campus. Kales, architect and designer of the campus, solved the problem.
The sculpture is given to Wuhan University as a present by the 81st and 82nd students graduated from this university. Kunpeng is an animal in Chinese fairly tale. In the North Sea, there’s a huge fish called “Kun”. As it swims, the water under its fin splashes 3,000 miles high. When it changes into a bird, it is called “Peng”, which can fly in the cloud of 90,000 miles high.

4.The Cherry Castle

In 1938, Wuhan was occupied by the Japanese invaders. Luojia Hill became the central headquarter and field hospital of Japanese army in Central China. It is not until eight years later that Anti-Japanese War ended in victory for us. The first cherry blossom was planted by the Japanese. However, as the florescence of cherry blossom is twenty to thirty years, the cherry blossoms now are absolutely not the original ones. A professor of Wuhan University has kept a record of the various data of cherry blossom for 60 years, which is even earlier than Japanese.

5.The Memorial Arch

As the gate of the famous university, it has become the landmark and a spiritual symbol of Wuhan University. The new memorial arch in constructed is an imitation of that one built in 1937. The previous name of WHU Wuhan National University written in Chinese can be seen in the front of the memorial arch. On the other side, Chinese characters meaning liberal art, law, sciences, engineering, agriculture and medicine occupy the beam. Almost every tourist as well as every graduate takes photos here to record his/her experience in Wuhan University.