Team:Wageningen UR/Conference


Molecular Interactions Symposium

Presenting our poster

The Molecular Interactions symposium on biotechnology, systems biology and synthetic biology took place from the 14th to the 16th of August in Berlin. Its aim is to invite young scientists, graduate students and post-docs from all life science fields to discuss a large variety of topics and at the same time allow for expannsion of their network. The program of each day was divided into groups of speakers that worked in a certain fields of research, such as systems medicine, molecular forensics, systems biology and synthetic bio-systems.

Besides the nice opportunity to meet and hear renowned scientists, we had the opportunity to present a poster on our iGEM research while enjoying a cold beer and a German pretzel. At the end of the second day all posters were presented together in one room and people could walk around and ask questions or discuss a poster’s content. This was a really nice opportunity for us to have others give feedback on our research and posterx. We even had quite a good discussion about Gibson Assembly methods. To our surprise there were no other iGEM teams present to grasp this unique opportunity.

In conclusion, the midnight drives to and back from Berlin (including a stop at Dortmund airport to pick up Vincen) with 3 of our team members (Michiel, Emiel and Vincen) were quite tiring. However the awesome speakers, small dinner at the end of the first day with only our group and the ‘speakers dinner’ at the end of the second day completely made up for it. It was a great bonding experience for the present team members as well.