Our Team

XMU-China 2013

Our team consists of 11 undergraduates, 3 advisers and 3 instructors. We come from different faculties, including Chemistry, Chemical engineering, and Bioengineering, but we all belong to the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. There is not only strength in numbers, but also creativity. We brainstormed every single idea from circuit construction to name cards in this inspiring project along with joy and laughter.

We want to express gratitude to our beloved Prof. Grace I-Son Ng, who not only offered us her lab, but also gave us a lot of useful suggestions and encouragement throughout this project. When we had the first crisis she told us that joining iGEM is like hiking, as the altitude is getting higher, the harder it would be. However, the view would be better. Now we are trying our outmost to top the iGEM mountain and have a look at the synthetic biology world. We also appreciate Prof. Chaoyong James Yang's generous help when we had some problems in building our microfluidic devices. Furthermore, we shall extend our deepest thanks to Prof.Baishan Fang, the first organizer of XMU-China.

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Our Instructors

Associate Prof. I-Son Ng

Dr. I-Son Ng is an associate professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. Her research interests are biofuel, engineering of enzyme and protein, zymology, genetic engineering, biochemical separation procedures and proteomics. Her role for the project is to provide suggestions and instruments.

Prof. Baishan Fang

Dr. Baishan Fang is the professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In the group of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machines, the application of new biocatalysts. His major role of XMU iGEM team is to mentor all and to enlighten the members.

Prof. Chaoyong James Yang

Dr. Chaoyong James Yang is an professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. His research focuses on microfluidics, molecular recognitions, DNA self-assembly and early diagnosis of cancer. He provided us with equipment for microfluidic experiments.

Our Advisors

Xia Zhang (Tina)

Tina Zhang is our advisor. She guided us to open the door of synthetic biology and walked us all the way through this competition. Although she knows quite a lot about molecular biology experiments as far as we’re concerned, she’s still humble and fond of learning. As a stringent experimenter, she corrected everyone’s experimental performances. Sometimes we could not help murmuring at her rigorousness and strictness to some extent. But we all feel lucky to have such an awesome advisor from the bottom of our hearts. Tina Zhang always encouraged us to fight tooth and nail to this competition and she told us ”Your strength will equal your days”. Her firmness and persistence which shoulder the heavy responsibilities for our team encouraged every members of XMU-China 2013. We all love you, Xia Jiejie!

Xin Wu

Xin Wu has taken part in iGEM twice. The past three years have witnessed his great contribution to iGEM and synthetic biology. As an experienced iGEMer, he gave us countless insightful suggestions from team development to improvement efficiency of our teamwork. Researching in synthetic biology, he gave us some piece of good advice when brainstorming. Furthermore, owing to his two years' experiences about iGEM, he helped us a lot in numerous things such as registration and payment. The last but not the least important, he’s really a humorous man and good at improving the team’s morale. We couldn't get this far without his encouragement and help.

Zhichao Guan

Zhichao Guan is a graduate from Prof. Chaoyong Yang’s lab. He gave us selflessly help in everything about microfluidic experiments. He taught us how to collect microfluidic pictures, how to process a mass amount of data and how to extract useful messages from the data. In addition, he helped building our microfluidic chip and gave us some important suggestions. Although sometimes he appeared to be severe and cool, we were all aware of his trustworthiness.

Our University

Xiamen University

Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader. Over the past ninety years, as the result of following the school motto: Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection, Xiamen University has accumulated rich experience in offering its educational programs and has presented its distinctive features in running the programs. The main campus of XMU locates in a picturesque setting between the sea and a scenic mountain, spreading over 150 hectares, and is generally regarded as the most beautiful campus in China. See more

Our City


Xiamen is a coastal city located in the southeast coast of China popularly known as the Garden on the Sea. An early poet once described the city in this way: "A city leans on stones like a flower; millions of mountains embrace the sea", which was a true portrayal of the scenery of Garden on the Sea. There are many good reasons to visit Xiamen: With good food, some great architecture and a mild to hot climate, Xiamen is hard to beat. See more


Xi Xi (Viola)

1. Team leader
2. Team management
3. Constructor of the report part and positive feedback circuit
4. Communicate with post-graduates and instructors
Viola is an opmistic girl. Her duty was to organize the team work. She took part in the design of our idea and construction of circuit. She seemed to be the glue of the team who combined all parts together and dealt with some detail problems.

Xin Guo (Stella)

1. Final organizer of the wiki information
2. Microfluidic tester
3. Constructor of the report part
4. Communicate with instructors and advisors
Stella has been busy all day testing microfluidic chips and writing wiki contents at night. In her spare time between different experiments she will always take her favorite camera and taking pictures of our lab and teammates. This project is challenging and she is enthusiastic about solving all kinds of challenges.

Fan Wu (Tony)

1. Designer of the team logo & mascot
2. Human Practice
3. Wiki designer
4. Animation maker
Tony is the computer master in our team. Thanks to his high level of software skill we never needed to worry about the online part. If Zeng’s work was changing idea into real, Tony was changing real into virtual. Tony also fused his fashion view in the design of team logo and the cute mascot Cube.

Shengquan Zeng(Vander)

1. Main designer of circuit construction
2. Constructor of the oscillator part and coupling part
3. Biobrick designer
Zeng was main designer of our circuit who made our ideas into real. Thanks to his half year of molecular biology experiment experience we could solve our problems very fast. Many lab workers in our team were taught by him. we had to say that he was a stringent experimenter.

Yuzhe Li (Kevin)

1. Modeling designer
2. Software Designer
3. Data analyzer
Kevin is a clever boy who is good at math and did most work of mathematic model building. He also invented an easy way to analysis microfluidic data.

Zhaopeng Cheng (Copper)

1. Constructor of the oscillator part and coupling part
2. Wet Lab Journal
A bit shy, a bit quiet, Cheng is a reliable boy in biome and did much circuit construction work. At the beginning of lab life, Cheng and Zeng made a learningholic group. They both major in bioengineering and both were the first in class although in different grade. This two completed most plasmids construction work.

Kaiyuan Ni (Nick)

1. Meeting memo
2. Main wiki writer.
3. Human practice
Nick is a sunshine boy in our team. Just like a joy in the team. He liked to mimic the alien’s voice which was one of the special programs during rest time. Nick took charge of making meeting memo and writing summary of ours activity. When members got blue, they would receive a warm mail from "a familiar gentleman"

Chun Tang (Kane)

1. Idea designer
2. Wiki designer
3. Microfluidic digital model constructor
4. Animation maker
Absolutely, Tang is the most active guy in our team. He could always come up with plenty of novel ideas. When we faced alternative choices, he never allowed himself to give up any possibility. In order to finish the project or get results quickly, burning the midnight oil to get the work done was needed.

Mengna Tan(Mona)

2. Mascot maker
Mengna is a really tall girl and stay in good shape.Her main mission was confirming protein expression using SDS-PAGE. In her free time she always did DIY work as well as many Cube toys.She made contribution to making the lovely mascot.

Xiyu Wu (Witty)

1. Photographer
2. Constructer of reporter part
3. Lab safety guarder
Witty is a football fan and likes playing football in order to keep good heath. He did much circuit construction work with Cooper.He was the photographer as well and took a lot of pictures to record our process.

Bo Shi

1. Financial management
2. Microfluidic tester
Bo Shi is the financial management in team. Most of his work was connecting with teachers or company director. Bobo also did much tiny works.On the other hand, he helped to do the micofluidic test.

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