Team:XMU Software



Xiamen University
We have designed 2 software tools

Brick Worker
Brick Worker is designed to analyze and predict the strength of various biobricks, i.e. promoters, RBS, protein coding sequence and terminators. It uses Position Weight Matrix method to recognize the key determinants of promoter and RBS sequences, predict their strengths and optimizes the protein coding sequences by codon usage bias. Brick Worker is the first software to give an all-round and reliable evaluation of all biobricks, especially, promoters, and represents a major step towards computational prediction and regulation of gene expression.

E’ NOTE is a web application for experiments recording.

It provides a series of intelligent templates for the users which are linked to the plasmid library constructed by the users and can do some simple calculation.Human-orientated data export port facilitates the users to transfer the experiment notes from E’NOTE to their wiki.Integration of web applications designed by the past iGEM software teams and tools provided online helps the users get access to their desirable software easily.