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Jamboree Program

The project titles and abstracts of the teams presenting at the World Championship Jamboree can be seen in the Jamboree program! To download a PDF copy of the program, please click here.

A hard copy will be available in your registration folder.

Due to an error, the following project title and abstract was omitted from the printed version of the program:

Gene Network Analyze and Predict (gNAP)
Track: Software
Presentation: Room 32-155, Saturday 3:00 PM, Session 3
Poster: Session A, #SW 8 (Stata)

Synthetic biology creates and uses standardized parts such as Biobricks to build engineered bacteria for various function. To realize those purposes, importing exogenous genes to target bacteria is universal and essential. In this approach, improve or reduce the expression of target genes through interaction is inevitable. Experiments in wet lab could find the effect and choose the best of imported exogenous genes but take a long period of time. gNap utilizes Internet databases to construct a genetic regulatory network (GRN) and analyze the effect of exogenous gene by Michaelis-Menten equation and sequence alignment algorithm. Meanwhile, to guide wet lab experimenters to find the best imported gene in the whole GRN, we use PSO method to figure out the best regulation patterns of new imported genes meeting experimenters’ goal. To realize those ideas, we build gNAP that provides researchers with gene network analysis and prediction.