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Phage Purification July - August Notebook: Experiments

Phage Purification

7.3 EM Phage Preparation

I) Purpose

Prepare phage so they can be viewed through an electron microscope.

II) Expected Outcome

Visible phage with capsids and tails.

III) Reagants Used

300 mesh copper grid
2% phosphotungstic acid
filter paper
petri dish
T4 lysate

IV) Actual Procedure

Place parafilm in the petri dish and put a drop of T4 lysate and a drop of 2% phosphotungstic acid on the parafilm.
Place the 300 grid mesh copper grid on the T4 lysate drop and leave for 20 minutes.
Remove the grid and place on the 2% phosphotungstic acid drop and leave for 2 minutes.
Remove the grid and dry with filter paper by lightly touching the tip to the grid.
Place grid in the EM grid box.

V) Results

The phage were prepared for an EM.