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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


There are many people we really want to thank warmly for the help they offered. Each of them contributed in making this Taxi.Coli project move forward.

We thank:

... Dr. Barbara Grisoni, for all the time, energy, motivation, encouragement, advise, LB media and agar plates as well as many other useful materials.

... Prof. Deplancke, Prof. Maerkl for supervising our team.

... Kristina, Ekaterina and Rachana for their precious help, time and patience.

... The EPFL School of Engineering for hosting us during the whole summer.

... EPFL and our Life Sciences Faculty for supporting us financially.

... Our sponsors: AC immune, BASF, EraSynBio, Merck Serono, Novartis, Roche and Syngenta.

... The Biobuilder foundation and Natalie Kuldell for being so enthusiastic about our kit and allowing us to use some of the Biobuilder content for our kit.

... Dr Sacha Sidjanski and his team for helping us contacting the sponsors.

... Sander Kromwijk, EPFL student who was part of the iGEM 2012 EPFL team and who helped us a lot with the wiki and logo.

... Dr. Daniel Bonner, Dr. David Scott Wilson and Alexandre De Titta (EPFL LMRP lab), who gave us advices about nanoparticles synthesis and characterization as well as several protocols, and who allowed us to use some of their lab equipments... with smiles and good mood.

... Thierry Laroche, from the BioImaging and Optics Core Facility PTBIOP at EPFL, for operating the confocal microscope for us.

... Prof. Eric Allémann (Geneva university), for the time he kindly spent with us to discuss about nanoparticles, drug delivery and encapsulation strategies.

... Prof. Matthias Lutolf and Prof. McKinney, who helped us realize what was possible or not at the beginning of our brainstorming.

... Michael Fairhead from the Mark Howarth Lab at Oxford university Department of Biochemistry, for providing us with the cloning plasmid for streptavidin.

... Francesca Valporetti for providing us with a 1/60 dilution of anti-YFP antibody.

... Henrike Niederholtmeyer for providing us with some E.coli cells.

... Nicole Paduwat and Stéphane Karlen our EPFL's Safety coordinators for helping us fill the Safety Forms.

... Sabrina Leuenberger for her precious help in our project's safety and risk assessment.

... Jean Mauron from Graphein Fribourg for the sweatshirts.

... Patrick Vuillamy for the t-shirts.