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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell Surface Display

Inverted Microscopy
- All our constructs (ISA,ISD,ISI and competent cells as negative control) were prepared immonustaining assays and biotin staining assays.
- Visualization under the microscope with a FITC filter.
- BBa_K523013 construct was also better characterized with an anti-GFP antibody under the microscope (red filter).
- Inoculation overnight of all our constructs for functional assay involving nanoparticles.


Test PCR for the constitutive promoter and the GelE insert
-I did a PCR of the MiniPrep and it showed that the plasmid did indeed contain the inserts we wanted.

-I sent all the constructs for sequencing.


-We washed the two new nanoparticles batches.
- New nanoparticles DLS measurements
- Microscopy (visualisation of the new loaded NPs)
- Anti-strepta resistance check