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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL



Results of GFP expression
-The inoculated bacteria did not grow at all in the arabinose containing medium. We thus inoculated three cultures but let them grow in a LB medium containing only chloramphenicol. We wanted to add the Arabinose once the Bacteria had already grown the next day.

Results of resuspension of K-12, MG 1655 E.coli
-The LB was cloudy, indicating that the Bacteria had grown. We used 2ml to isolate the genomic DNA and the remaining 4ml were used to make glycerol stocks.


Digestion of the Nanoparticles
Again we tried to digest the nanoparticles with matrix metalloprotease MMP2 and the nanoparticles are again a little bit smaller with MMP2.