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For the first time, the EPF_Lausanne team is composed of 10 young women. Therefore, we decided to use our particularity to our advantage and organize the first event dedicated to women and engineering at EPFL. Indeed, using the fact that we are exclusively girls in the team, we wanted to promote engineering, synthetic biology and the iGEM competition among high school girls. The team is currently working with the Equal Opportunities Office based in our campus in order to organize this special event on October 7th 2013. We really are hoping for this annual event to become a tradition in our University and to be happening each year. Thanks to our faculty, we are able to use a spacious laboratory where we plan to show the girls how to use our kit and show them some hands-on work! This will be a great experience to practice in a real lab and make them realize how our summer teamwork for the iGEM competition looked like. After having fun with the kit, a meal will be offered by the Equal Opportunities Office. During the afternoon, we are inviting a few teachers of the faculty for a talk about synthetic biology and the iGEM competition. These meetings will be followed by very simple but useful discussions with the girls about how they see their future as students. It will be followed by a small group project where the best synthetic biology project idea will be picked and the winning team will be chosen. Indeed, after what they saw and heard all day, this should be the perfect moment to let their ideas flow and make them look forward to participating in the iGEM competition.

Figure 1: Women&Engineering's day
Figure 2: Women&Engineering's day testing the kit
Figure 3: Women&Engineering's day