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Team: iGEM Frankfurt -

Attributions and Acknowledgments

We firstly want to express our gratitude to our instructor Prof. Boles, to the dean of studies Prof. Soppa, to Prof. Fendler from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics and to Prof. Manfred Schubert-Zilovics (University Vice President) for enabling the project by providing monetary and laboratory resources. We also want to thank Prof. Bettina Tudzynski for providing DNA from Gibberella fujikuroi. We thank Prof. Bode for the possebility of conducting measurements at the instruments of his group and the members of the working group Soppa for their great support.

We thank Susanne Schwarz from the Presidium for the inestimable help with our financial administration which she did complimentary in addition to her ordinary administration. The Team from Darmstadt did some trials with homologous structure alignment of some of our enzymes for modeling their structure, we are thankful for that too.

We adress special owing to our funders, the QSL Comission and the Oswald Foundation. We thank the students councils of the biochemical and the physical institutes for their support in the filing of application for the financial support.

Last but not least we want to thank all those students who were for different reasons not able to stick to our team untill the jamboree but nevertheless did crucial work in the foundation of our team and our project. We also are grateful for the possebilities of presenting our project to research groups. Vicegeral I like to mention Prof. Ludwig and Prof. Schwalbe from the department of chemistry and biochemistry.

iGEM-Team Frankfurt 2013