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Sumbawagen iGEM Team


Sumbawagen iGEM Team


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E. coli which able to measure the level of sugar in honey by emitting light
Glucose and fructose are major sugar component of honey. Sumbawa honey is famous as central production of forest honey in Indonesia. Sumbawa honey is also protected as geographical indication by Indonesian patent office. Taneoka et al (2009) has created a fusion of mutant glucose binding protein and firefly luciferase, which able to measure glucose level by emitting light - intended initially for blood glucose sensor application. In this project, we plan to create this construct in Biobrick format, and evaluate the ability of transgenic E. coli for the measurement of glucose in Sumbawa honey. Our final goal is to create a device which can be used for quality control of Sumbawa honey. The basic method is rapid detection for glucose and fructose by construct BioBrick which is fussion between Glucose Binding Protein (GBP) with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) and Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP). The BioBrick construction named "ECONEY”.