Future work


In this summer, we constructed a new alkane sensing system AlkR-PalkM, all the achievements are based on this system.

1.We built an Alk-Sensor based on the system of AlkR-PalkM which can detect the alkanes which are produced by engineered E. coli.

2.We characterized the Alk-Sensor of different aspects.

3.Based on Alk-Sensor, we constructed Alk-Selector for directed evolution.

4.We used Alk-Selector to optimize the function of NPDC.

Future work

All parts are still not perfect, needed to be optimized.

1.It may be necessary to mutate PalkM to reduce the leakage of the system.

2.Different reporters needed to be tried to get different relationships between input and output.

3.Mutating AlkR will probably promote the interaction between AlkR and alkanes, and improve the function of AlkR-PalkM system.

4.Addition of genes related to biosufactant biosynthesis may increase the sensing range of Alk-Sensor to alkanes.

5.For biofuel synthesis, Alk-Selector provides more opportunities to engineer the strains. Many methods related to building a library can be used in this field with the help of Alk-Selector.

Introduction Design & Construction Characterization Alk-Selector And Direct Evolution Futurework

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