Team:UC Chile




Imagine a world where production of different compound could be easily achievable, where industrial problems associated with genetic manipulation are over: there is no more instability in the energy flux of bacteria. Imagine a world where there are no more industrial biosafety issues because recombinant bacteria is no longer needed in situ. This is the world we propose: the world of in vitro production. To achieve this, we reengineered the Carboxysome, a bacterial microcompartment (BMC) to use it as a continuous reactor capable of generating any output by having the needed enzyme in its inner space. Make Carboxysome your own synthetic space for the production of anything you want: A Whateversisome!
We have successfully:
  • Characterized the Carboxysome as a tool for Synthetic Biology: we presented the plasmid as a standardized biobrick.
  • Found a targeting sequence to the inside of Carboxysome.
  • Designed an innovative methodology for purification and isolation of BMC.
  • We analyzed the potential combinatorial of Carboxysomes on in vitro channeling.

Even moreā€¦
  • We are working towards generating step-by-step in vitro reactions.