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Plant System Biology

Our main goal is to understand how plants sense and respond to nutrients. And in particular, how nutrient signals interact with other signaling pathways to coordinate global gene expression in plants

We would like to specially thank all the Plant System Biology for hosting us, the good advices and infinite patience with us!
PSBL Group


Rodrigo A. Gutiérrez, Ph.D.

Occupation:Principal Investigator.
iGEM:Mentor (Instructor).

Bernardo Pollak

Occupation:Lab Assistant.
iGEM:Mentor (Instructor).
Likes to:Surf/Skate/Rock.
Frustrated Dream:Musician.
Fun fact:Same Birthday as Maradona.
Lab mistake:He is too perfect for that.

Verónica Delgado

Occupation:PhD student.
Likes to:Reading.
Frustrated Dream:Be a chef.
Fun fact:I have an extra sound when I pronounce the R as part of a word.
Lab mistake:uff too many...not words about that.


Eleodoro Riveras.

Likes to:Sports, football.
Frustrated Dream:to be a soccer player.
Fun fact:his nicknames is “poroto”, that means bean. He is a royalty member of the lab.
Lab mistake:He broke a liquid nitrogen container. Burned his arms with EtOH.

Tomás Moyano

Occupation:Crazy biochemist
Likes to:Soccer and horses.
Frustrated Dream:to be understood, Ranger Champion
Fun fact:Is crazy
Lab mistake:while streaking he burned his hair and did not realize.

Eva Villarroel

Likes to:Cook
Frustrated Dream:Get out of this hell and have a restaurant
Fun fact:is part of the lab royalty
Lab mistake:always is present when something happens, so is blamed too

Javier Canales

Likes to:Drink Belgium beer. See documentals about earthquakes and tsunamis.
Frustrated Dream:To had a dream.
Fun fact:He has extreme patience….with “RG”.
Lab mistake:to break a centrifuge. The top went flying when he open the machine.

Simón Álamos.

Occupation:agricultural scientist.
Likes to:Grow Vegetables.
Frustrated Dream:Bench DNA synthesizer.
Fun fact:Collects plastic dinosaurs.
Lab mistake:Did an agarose gel with water instead of TAE.

Tamara Matute.

Occupation:Civil Engineer in Biotechnology
Likes to:See anime, practice judo, Taekwondo and listening metal.
Frustrated Dream:none yet
Fun fact:has infinite cats in her house. Knows how to pretend to be blind.
Lab mistake:Too perfect to make mistakes.

Isaac Núñez

Occupation:Civil Engineer in Biotechnology
Likes to:Martial arts
Frustrated Dream:had been more involved in swimming contest.
Fun fact:his nickname is “prosimio”
Lab mistake:leave out the hose from the machine and flood the darkroom.

José Miguel Álvarez

Occupation:Postdoctoral Fellow

Juan Manuel Cabello

Occupation:Software Developer

Carolina Córdova


Tatiana Kraiser

Occupation:Graduate Student

Yarela Mancilla


Alejandro Montecinos

Occupation:Bioinformatics Support

Carol Moraga

Occupation:Bioinformatics Support

Henrietta Pal-Gabor, Ph.D.

Occupation:Postdoctoral Fellow

Karem Tamayo

Occupation:Lab Manager

Elena Vidal, Ph.D.

Occupation:Research Associate