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iGEM UIUC had a lot of fun teaching science during their summer.

GAMES-Girls' Adventures in Math, Engineering, and Science
Our bioengineering teammates put together a crash course in synthetic biology for over 30 girls interested in the field of bioengineering. The class was not only a lecture, but also included a lab portion that let the girls plate E.coli with GFP. We also went over safety and proper/improper use of lab equipment.

Pollen Power! Summer Camp for Girls
The ladies of UIUC iGEM spent time talking to middle school girls about women in the field of science.

We teamed up with the nanoBIO node of nanoHUB, an intercollegiate nanotechnology organization, to present iGEM, synthetic biology, and our project to the National Science Foundation. nanoBIO also hosted a group of nanotechnology interns to whom we gave a crash course in synthetic biology to.

iGEM at the High School Level
iGEM didn't previously exist in any of the high schools around the Urbana-Champagin area, so we are working with students to start a district wide, high school iGEM team in entrepreneurship.