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Take a gNAP before wearing your gloves! Genetic Network Analyze and Predict
The sketch and final GUI of gNAP!
We compare the result of our software with gene expression profile in literature.
We are USTC-Software!



Gene Network Analyze and Predict (gNAP) is a software which can model and analyze the change of new GRN constructing after exogenous gene’s import. What’s more, gNAP's reverse analysis based on global GRN gives some advise to experimenters before choosing the imported gene meeting their purpose.


gNAP, gene network analyze and predict, is our main software which could analyze the input gene’s effects forward and reversely. gFinder, gene finder, is a website software which could find a specific gene in a database by gene’s function of regulation. gRNA, gene regulatory network analysts, is a small game which could improve the children’s ability of network analysis.


In order to simulate the GRN’s working and analyze the changing after exogenous gene imported, some advanced algorithms and classical methods are employed in the software. These algorithms and methods include Binary Tree method, Needle-Wunsch Algorithm, Decision Tree method, Hill Equation and PSO Algorithm.


Our team hope to create a better community for iGEM software, so we collaborate with other teams. Open source on github with detailed API of our source code make our software’s development more easy and convenient. What’s more, to popularize iGEM in our campus, we also give “Hi” from iGEM to all the students and teachers and give their “Hello” back.